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Biocard Celiac Test
What is Celiac Disease?
Why test for CD?
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Interpreting your results
Simply read the test like you would a pregnancy test – with a single line at the top end (near the bottom of the blue-taped handle) of the strip showing a NEGATIVE result, whilst two lines across the test strip show that tTG IgA was present above the threshold level. At this point, it is advisable to see your own healthcare professional for confirming the test result as well as for future management of the disease.
If you get a positive result;
See your doctor - it is essential that you continue with a normal diet until you have the diagnosis confirmed by an intestinal biopsy ie. DO NOT exclude gluten from your diet until you have seen your doctor and have had a confirmatory biopsy. More than 70% of people with coeliac disease respond to a gluten free diet showing improvement in symptoms within days or weeks.
If you get a negative result;
You could save yourself the expense and inconvenience of an unnecessary gluten free diet. However, always seek help from your doctor if your symptoms persist as there may be another reason for your symptoms Whether your result is positive or negative you will be far more informed as to the cause of your symptoms after taking the test than before.